Now Accepting Proposals for
The Social Distance

THEATREX is accepting proposals for a new virtual performance project - The Social Distance.

In light of our current public health crisis and the necessary work of theatre artists in times of crisis and social upheaval, we are curating a collection of virtual scripted performances on the theme of “Social Distance” that will be recorded and made available via our website as a pay-what-you-can format. Artists whose proposals are selected will be paid up to $400, depending on the scope of their performance.


To submit your proposal, please prepare a letter of interest (PDF preferred) introducing yourself and a brief summary of the type of performance you propose to create. Include details such as the following…

1) How many theatre artists/performers will participate in this project?

2) With self-isolation and social distancing rules from the CDC and the MN Dept. of Health in effect, how will participants meet, rehearse, and perform (eg. Skype, Facebook Messenger, Are you already living together/isolating together, Solo performance)?

3) What will the approximate running time of your performance be?

4) Will you need to purchase supplies of any sort for the performance?

5) How much rehearsal time do you expect to need?

6) How will your performance fulfill THEATREX’s goal of creating “theatre that explores the unknown, seeks connection, and embraces the exchange of ideas” to explore the idea of “Social Distance?”


We're looking for creative solutions to the current challenge of performing. Along with your proposal, we ask that you submit your theatre resume (along with resumes for other participants, if known) and any other details you’d like to share - writing samples, videos of other work you’ve done, etc.


All proposals/performances must meet the following minimum criteria…

1) All work must be scripted, original and owned by the artist(s) proposing it. No previously published or produced work will be accepted.

2) All work must follow CDC and MN Dept. of Health guidelines for the current COVID-19 outbreak. Please see the full list of strategies to employ here:

3) All participants must currently reside in Minnesota.

4) All performances must be performed/video-recorded in real time, with all necessary components - this means the final video cannot be edited and cannot have post-production effects or music added.

5) All performances must have an audience equal to the number of performers, while adhering to CDC and MN Dept. of Health guidelines. (How does that work? Skype, perform in an open space outdoors, perform for a roommate, family member, etc.)

6) The performance must adhere to all local and federal laws.


Proposals may be emailed to All proposals and materials are due by Saturday, April 4, 2020. 

Proposals will be reviewed as quickly as possible. The number of projects selected will be dependent, in part, on the proposals received.


All details subject to change.